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If you're looking for a high quality vapor solution, NorthernVapor.ca is here to help !!
Our offering of high quality electronic cigarette kits, parts & liquid is available to you within Canada.
We offer top Chinese liquid & Canadian / American sourced liquid for your vapor equipment. 



Take care when using, handling and storing any nicotine juice or cartridges, particularly when using the device. The nicotine juice can become a hazard if mishandled, and should not be digested. sometimes liquid can leak from the mouth-area of the cartridge if too full. Always rinse mouth with water if such occurs and wash after skin contact. Always store liquid,catridges, and kits, hidden from pet and kids.

How do I smoke my electronic cigarette?

Esmoking is quite different than normal smoking. Esmoking is inhaling vapor rather then smoke.

To avoid a negative effect in the vapor function:
Do not over-inhale by pulling heavy, too fast or many times within a short amount of time. Avoid continuousl inhaling for long periods.
Heavy use of your E-cigarette can cause malfunctions. Always inhale slowly for 3-5 puffs, then allow the atomizer to sit half
a minute to cools down. It is recommended to alternate between 2 E-cigarette units if you wish to use more frequently,
inhale often and always have ready charged power. Only use liquids or cartridges that are made for e-cigarette use.

Care and Use

Clean the contact points of the atomizers and batteries using alcohol or warm water with a dry tissue. When doing this often, your ecigarette can produce better vapor.

Clear along the inner sides of the atomizer with a dry tissue in order to absorb held liquid.

When your ecigarette won't produce enough vapor and if inhaling becomes too heavy, than it needs to be cleaned. Hold the atomizer at the connection side and blow out through the open side, than the liquid will push out. Once this operation is completed, you can clean and dry using a dry tissue or cloth. Your ecigarette should perform better after. If there is still a performance issue, read the next point.

Pull the inner tube of the cartridge out from the mouthpiece. Wash it with warm water, then let it dry. Push it back into the washed mouthpiece. Put 2-3 drops of warm water into the cartridge, attach and activate the atomizer without inhaling for a few seconds. If the cartridge inside is brown from liquid, seperate it and repeat the operation until it is clean. Re-attach your cartridge and charge battery. Your ecigarette will now be ready.

Automatic resetting

If your ecigarette will not develop enough smoke or has a hard draw, try this: blow into the battery LED area side where you can see 2 small holes by the LED light. The atomizer will heat up and consume all the remaining liquid in the atomizer. Do not blow too long or the atomizer can over-burn and destroy. After this, your ecigarette will be ready for better vapor.

Cleaning procedure

Sometimes you might think your atomizer is dead, because smoke reduces significantly. In this case you can do the following:

-Take out the cartridge and mouthpiece and battery.

-Clean contact points of battery and atomizer with purified alcohol.

-Take the atomizer with the big opening up and pour purified alcohol inside. Shake the atomizer for at least 2 minutes, drain the alcohol through the small hole at the other side and repeat this at least 3 times

-Rinse the atomizer with hot water and let it dry for 16 hours standing up.

-After 16 hours, if your atomizer is dry, you can put in a new cartridge and new battery. Your ecigarette will work normal again.




To help maintain eGo-T function well, you should clean as manual directed and regularly.
We have a few tips to share with you.


How do I prevent eGo-T atomizer / eGo-T tank from leaking ?

1. Please don't fill over eGo-T tanks, leave eGo-T tank cartridges 10% liquid-free.

2. Please place your eGo-T atomizer / tanks vertically after you insert it, then the spike is able to puncture cartridges in the right position.

3. This procedure is brought by the forums. The wicking material of the wick including the position within the piercing of the tube will also effect the vapor production. In this process you can adjust the wick. Use a fine needle to adjust and reposition the material within the wick.

4. Use a thicker base for liquid, and not very watery/thin eliquid.


User's tips:

One of our advanced e-cigarette customers reported how to prevent the eGo-T atomizer from leaking by making sure to fully snapping the cap on after pre-filling and  make the tank completely go into the atomizer fully.


Puncture the tank while empty, then clear away the broken plastic end piece. 

clean the tank exterior prior to inserting. 

Place tank slowly into the atomizer tuning 360.


We recommend you by inserting tanks in the atomizer vertical.

Another issue can be that pressure system begins when inserting the tank and can blow / move the wick away from the spike,
adjust the wick back to place.




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