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Sale: $12.00
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I use to be a menthol analog'er, finally had the chance to try this menthol out.

beware: this particular menthol is LITERALLY MENTHOL. if your an avid menthol smoker before, and just recently switched to vaping, this menthol is for you. but really, this eliquid is MENTHOL to the MAX. uve never tasted menthol until u try this sucker! it'll give you a very arctic cold punch right at the back of your throat. so if thats your forte, then get it!

i can see how this eliquid might turn someone of for being TOOO mentholy? but for menthol fellaz and ladies, this 1's for you.

i ordered menthol 10 ml @ 18mg. its perfect! love it! better than any other analogues ive smoked 1 month ago.
Date Added: 03/30/2011 by Ralph delos santos